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Welcome to our escritoire of articles and journal entries

The Dixi Journal

Why we love Sterling Silver Jewelry

Silver doesn't actually tarnish; it undergoes oxidation, which can be easily reversed! Understanding the science behind it can help you appreciate the beauty and longevity of this precious metal.

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Welcome to the Olive Grove

Olive leaf - Olea europaea The Olive Tree is an evergreen tree or shrub native to Mediterranean Europe, Asia, and Africa. The leaves of the Olive Tree, along with the...

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Hawthorns - the inspiration behind Silvestre

Meet the inspiration behind our best selling Thorn Branch Rings Also known as Quickthorn, May-tree, Whitethorn, May-flower. Indigenous to the British Isles, Hawthorn is now more widely found throughout the Northern Hemisphere.The limbs...

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The Myths of Artemis & Orion

An Artemis love story is perhaps not one that you would expect, knowing what we do about her strict self-imposed chastity and desire to stay as far away from civilisation as...

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Shades of Artemis

Artemis is here with her colour palette picks for the season... Smoke Green We are thinking cool eucalyptus and sage green shades. Almost pastel but with the saturation pulled down...

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Welcome to Artemis' Sacred Grove

Under this silver veil...Under the boughs of olive trees,where the Golden Stag lays...The Great Huntress awaits. Although Artemis is Goddess of the Hunt, she is wildly misunderstood. A Hunter she...

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The Myths of Artemis & Actaeon

Perhaps the ultimate tale of revenge, Actaeon is the Hunter who becomes the Hunted when he stumbles upon Artemis (or 'Diana' as she is known in many of these stories)...

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Artemis Soundtrack

Artemis arrives today with a playlist of empowerment and strength. This is currently our go-to playlist at Dixi HQ and is perfect as the season begins to get busier, the days...

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7 Reasons Why We Love Artemis

There are many reasons why we fell under the spell of Artemis - not only is she a Goddess who effortlessly commands respect, but a woman with countless relatable qualities....

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A Brief Guide to Hallmarks

You may have noticed that our new lines now feature some extra markings on the inside of the band besides the usual '925' that you typically see on a Dixi ring. These markings...

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