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This sizing information is provided as a guideline for sizing purposes. We make every effort to give you accurate information in this guide. However please note that we offer no guarantees for perfect sizing, and fit can still vary from person to person.

Ring Sizing

We measure our rings using the INNER DIAMETER. This is the measurement of the inside of the band from one side to the other. Typical sizes are around 14-20mm.

Have a UK or USA measurement?
Find your millimetre diameter size by cross referencing the table below.

(Inner Diameter)
XXX SMALL [MIDI] 14 - 14.75MM F - H 3 - 4 45/46
XX SMALL [MIDI] 15 - 15.5MM I - J¼ 4¼ - 4¾ 47/48
EXTRA SMALL 15.75MM J½ 5 49/50
SMALL 16.25MM - 16.5MM L - L½ 6 51/52
MEDIUM 17.25MM - 17.5MM ½ - O 7 54/55
LARGE 18MM - 18.25MM ½ - Q 8 57/58
EXTRA LARGE 19MM R½ 9 59/60
XX LARGE 20MM T½ - U 10 62/63
11 64/65

Already own a ring that is the ideal fit?

Download and print out our ring sizer that will help you ascertain your closest Dixi ring size from one that you already have. You just need an A4 sheet of paper and a printer. Make sure to follow the print instructions otherwise your results may not be accurate.


Starting your ring journey from scratch?

Nothing will help you size better than actually trying on rings! Head to your local Sainsburys / Tesco / Walmart / Supermarket / Department store - they'll usually have a jewellery stand of products that have a UK / USA sizing that you can cross reference with the table above.

If this is not accessible to you, we next recommend purchasing a plastic ring sizer. You can find these on Amazon and eBay very cheaply. There are lots of different sizing variations available, but we would suggest choosing one with either a USA or UK sizing guide. These are a minimal investment that you can keep in your jewellery box and use time and again.

But AVOID the 'string' method!
If you know, you know! You may have seen this on Pinterest or TikTok, or posted elsewhere as a sizing 'hack'. Trust us, after years of sizing rings and trying lots of different techniques, we can assure you that this method is not accurate!

Our tried and tested tips for choosing the right ring size

Rings are measured in MILLIMETRES

Remember, this is a very small measurement. If you measure yourself to be a size 16.5mm and we only have a size 16.25mm in stock, this is just a quarter of a mm [look on a ruler and you will see just how tiny that is] so it's safe to say our size 16.25mm will still fit comfortably.

Thumb and Midi Rings

Choosing a thumb or midi ring size is easy!

Thumb - Size one up from your pointer finger if you wish to wear on the thumb.

Midi Ring - If you wear a size 5-7 select size 3 3/4. If you wear size 8-9 select size 4. 10-11 size 5.

From our years of experience we find these work 9 times out of 10. If you want to be 100% sure please use the size guide.

Size Guide

Body temperature matters

Your body temperature matters when sizing and changes throughout the day. Cold skin will contract and warm skin expand, so we recommend sizing a few times throughout the day so you can get a better idea of your true ring size.

Consider sizing UP

Consider sizing up on rings if you are between sizes. A ring that is too small is much more likely to break or get damaged because of the extra pressure being exerted on it.

Snuggies are great for small adjustments

You can find products called 'ring snuggies' online to help with any rings that may be just slightly too loose. This is just a little piece of plastic that can be discreetly wrapped around the back of the ring band to adjust the fit.

Necklace & Choker Sizing

Chain lengths are provided on each product page.

‣ Chokers will typically be from 9" up to 13".
‣ Necklaces will typically be from 14" upwards.

Use a piece of ribbon / string and a ruler to ascertain your preferred chain length that fits exactly how you like it.

Extender Chains

Our necklaces often come with an additional extender chain attached to the necklace chain. The exact size of the extender will be stated in the description (e.g. Chain - 14" + 3" Adjustable Extender Chain). So in this example, you'd be able to adjust your necklace to any length between 14" and 17".


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