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Introducing the Aesthetics Emblem Ring


Meet the Dixi Aesthetics Emblem Ring. A chunky vintage inspired multi-faceted sterling silver band ring featuring imagery that encompasses our aesthetics to a tee. Each facet symbolises us, our incredible community, and all the things that bring us together and we hold dear. This is a ring for you, the Dixi Pack, made by us with love.

The first sketch

The making of

From the final CAD design by our CAD extraordinaire Caroline, to our first look at manufacturing stage.

The final sample

The intentions


Moon & Stars
We shall always bow down to the majestic Moon and stars. It's why we have created passionate odes to two Moon Goddesses, sweet Selene and mighty Artemis. 

The sword represents power, protection, strength, and courage. This is your reminder that you already embody all four.

Leaf (Maple / Sycamore)
Sycamore trees are known for their strong root systems, and ability to weather many a storm. We had to include this not just because our obvious love of nature, but as a reminder to all of you that your roots are just as strong, and you too have the ability to weather anything that comes your way.

Bringing light to dark places, you may notice that more often than not you'll see candles in our photographs and imagery. It's become an office in-joke - if you take a photo and it just doesn't look right - add a candle somewhere in the shot. We can almost guarantee it will look at least 99% better. And seriously, we got through an unspeakable amount of candles per year at Dixi HQ.

Oak leaf
A common sight to us here in the UK, the leaf of the mighty Oak (Quercus), a tree that has often been linked with wisdom and honour and strength. 

You know this already - Pumpkins are our happy place. For us they are a small sign of the Dixi Family and our wonderful community of Autumn lovers!

Not only a symbol for our love of Autumn, but of our love of squirrels and all creatures of the forest.

It wouldn't be a Dixi Emblem ring without a wolf now, would it! A symbol of our community (our pack) which we hold dear.

This chunky autumn inspired gothic boho ring is strictly limited edition with only a few available in each size, so if you've fallen for her, grab her while you can! 

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