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Aurum in corde.

Jewellery with heart.

Dixi - Latin, "I have spoken"

Founded by Amy in 2013 in her childhood bedroom, Dixi has in just a few short(ish) years become not just a successful jewellery company, but a family and community. Born and based in the UK, we now share our hearts with like-minded individuals all over the world.

Our jewellery is from the heart. Our goal is for our jewellery to help you tell your story - to help you put your own stamp on your style, no matter your past, present, age, or experience. You are who you are, and we accept you.

Everything in between

Our job titles sound simple, but you will find us (Amy & Vicky) wearing many hats day-to-day.
From concept, design, direction, curation, photography, editing, videography, social media, customer service, emails, website design, picking, packing, cleaning, maintaining the office, and everything in between - it's just us!

The people behind Dixi


Role: Company / Creative Director
Year started: 2013
Pronouns: She/her
Beverage of choice: Oat latte / Chai latte
Choose a band/artist: Alexisonfire
Ring sizes:
USA 5 & 6 (left hand) USA 6 & 7 (right hand)
Notes: Nobody worships the sun as hard as Amy. The second he appears from behind a cloud you'll hear her shout 'MR SUNSHINE'. Food, cats, and the sun are the way to Amy's heart. - Vicky
If walls could talk: "I'm huuuuuungry" "I need a wee" "I'm ready. NO WAIT I'M NOT READY'." *overly-dramatic sneeze*


Role: Creative assistant
Year started: 2015
Pronouns: She/her
Beverage of choice: Earl Grey with milk and sweeteners
Choose a band/artist: Architects
Ring sizes: USA 5 & 8 (left hand) USA 6 & 8 (right hand)
Notes: At 4.30pm her office corner goes quiet. Feeding time is near & hanger strikes. Approach at your own risk. - Amy
If walls could talk: "Would they shut the f*ck up. What ARE they doing." "TINNY" "It's too hot" "yes boi"


Role: Assistant designer
Year started: 2020
Pronouns: They/them
Beverage of choice: Lemonade / London Fog
Playlist of the moment: Weightless ambient post-rock drone
Side hustle: Etsy
Tip Jar


Role: Stockroom assistant (and order packing extraordinaire)
Year started: 2014
Pronouns: She/her
Beverage of choice: Coffee
Playlist of the moment: Reggae hits


Role: Stockroom assistant
Year started: 2018
Pronouns: He/him
Beverage of choice: Coffee
Playlist of the moment: Skate


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