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2 Easy Ways To Find Your Ring Size Without A Ring

It has never been easier to quickly and accurately measure your hands at home and get your perfect ring size every single time. If you already have a ring that fits then jump to this blog post instead!

We've done the research for you and swear by this super affordable ring sizing set from Amazon, that features both a metal ring gauge AND a plastic ring sizer. Availaibility may vary outside of the UK but we're sure you'll find something similar.

Get ready to become the professional sizer among your friends!

1. Metal Ring Sizer Gauge

These are usually a detachable design where you pop open the loop and slide the rings on and off. This gives you the ability to test drive a ring size and get a true picture of what is most comfortable for you! Each ring is a different UK size, making it a super accurate way to gauge sizes across all your fingers.

When sizing, there needs to be a certain amount of friction when sliding the ring on and off, but make sure that the ring can comfortably move over your knuckles and doesn't dig into your skin. Rings that are too small are much more susceptible to damage - and they aren't much good for your circulation either!

2. Plastic Ring Sizer

The most common method of ring sizing, this simple strip of plastic is wrapped around your finger and pulled closed. It is important not to pull the strip tight - you still need to be able to comfortably slide the sizer on and off your finger. Pictured here is a UK sizer - but depending your location you'll be able to find them in pretty much any sizing such as USA or EU.


You can find more sizing tips and tricks on our comprehensive sizing page here.

We are not affiliated with Amazon or any other company associated with the products linked, and we are simply recommending products that we've bought ourselves, used, and tested.

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