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Behind The Magic of Autumn Is Calling

We know that you love our beloved sterling silver pumpkin, acorn and maple leaf wreath ring. It's been one of our Autumn-time best sellers for a number of years now. But did you know the meaning behind each part of the design?

Sterling Silver Pumpkin Ring


You know this already - Pumpkins are our happy place. For us they are a small sign of the Dixi Family and our wonderful community of Autumn lovers!
But it isn't just that. Perhaps the most enduring symbol of the Harvest season, the Pumpkin is a sign of fertility and prosperity. 

A little nut, but don't underestimate. It is the seed of the mighty Oak (Quercus) tree, symbolising potential, stability and strength. From that determined little seed, another mighty Oak shall be born when it is nurtured and cultivated. Let this be a reminder in your own life - you must take time to nurture and care for yourself in order to see your full potential.

The Maple tree is hardy and enduring, remaining strong against the changing elements. It is a symbol of balance, love, longevity, and with its many arms of glorious leaves, abundance. The humble Maple leaf also mirrors the changing of the seasons, as it sprouts from lush and bright Green in the Spring and Summer months, to fiery orange and brown in the Autumn and Winter time; reminding us of the ephemeral nature of our lives, and the need for us to be open to growth.

When you think of a 'wreath' you naturally think of evergreens and circular shapes - both of which make it a sign of eternal life. Combining a wreath with all of the above elements, this ring is here to remind you of your value, your importance, and your strength.

The little secret message on the inside of the band once again goes back to our Dixi family of Autumn lovers - a little script that reminds you of the community that unites us! The Autumn is Calling Ring isn't one that we only wear in the Autumn months - it's a ring that we wear ALL year round in stack after stack.

Does this ring symbolise something specific for you; has it brought you its own meaning? Let us know. We love hearing your stories, and the connections you have formed with our little treasures!

Purchase your Autumn is Calling Boho Wreath Ring here.

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