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Jewellery Care

We want your Dixi jewels to live a long and happy life, so it's important you take care good care of them. The majority of our beautiful pieces are perfect for wearing every day, but always make sure to take your jewels off for tasks that may mean your hands are in contact with water and/or other substances, such as swimming and bathing. We would also recommend this with sterling silver as many of our pieces contain natural stones and/or antiqued detailing to set the features off and we'd hate for you to damage these.

You also need to remove your jewels during sports activities, when going to bed or when you are going to be doing strenuous work with your hands, because let's be honest here - we all sweat! Your beautiful jewels will thank you!

It is also really important to put your jewels on last in the morning, and take them off first before getting changed in the evening to avoid clothing snagging and damaging your jewellery. While the metals we use in our jewels are very durable, they can be damaged by hard knocks or scratch when not properly cared for.
Avoid pulling roughly on chains when taking your necklaces on and off as the jump rings that connect the jewellery to its chain are designed to come open [which is how they are attached in the first place].


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  We know, sometimes you've just got to treat yourself to a little piece of luxury!

To keep your beautiful jewellery in tip top condition, we recommend keeping your luxury pieces for occasional wear only as they can be delicate and may easily be damaged by excess wear or neglect. As with all your jewellery, it is particularly important to put luxury pieces on last when getting dressed, and take them off first at night to avoid your clothing snagging and causing any additional damage.

Your luxury piece will also thank you for regular cleaning. Polish regularly with a soft microfibre cloth and if you're feeling really fancy, you can make up your own simple jewellery cleaning solution to maintain the stunning shine of your favourite luxury piece! Remember if your piece features antiqued detail [black that makes the features stand out] to only clean gently with a dry cloth to avoid rubbing this off.

Jump rings are the tiny loops that connect your jewellery to its chain. It isn't a complete loop - it has a gap which you can open and close with pliers or tweezers. As such, you need to be careful not to pull at your jewellery too hard as these pesky jump rings can sometimes pop open! Pro-tip - you can grab a whole bag of spare jump rings online for next to nothing and they are super handy to keep in case of a jewellery emergency!

If you ever find yourself needing to fix a jump ring (it happens to all of us!), we got you! It is super simple and will take just a few seconds to make your jewellery brand new.