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The Fox & The Ivy

We are so excited to introduce you to our brand new sterling silver nature inspired rings... our Fox & Ivy stackers!

Influenced by our fondness of foxes, and the magic of the hedera plant, these enchanting rings are here to elevate your Nature Witch stacks this Autumn!


In a world filled with many Celtic myths and folk tales inspired by the crafty Fox, we had to contribute our own little piece of folklore magic.

A creature of beauty and cunning, in Irish myth the fox is associated with the river Goddess Sionna (pronounced SHUH-NA) who had the ability to shapeshift between fox and human forms.

Choose your fox. Available as a cute boho stacking ring, delicate silver mini fox ear studs, or dainty pendant necklace.


Representing growth, connection, and everlasting love, our Hedera Ivy Wishbone Ring is about to wrap its way around your heart. 

Evergreen in nature, Ivy is too a great symbol of loyalty and devotion. Through harsh winters and hard times it endures, holding strong against the elements. In Ancient Greece, newlyweds wore ivy wreaths to show their fidelity and commitment to one another. 

Thus, Hedera becomes the perfect gift for someone important in your life; to let them know that your love for them, romantic, familial, or platonic, is true and everlasting. 

Our Hedera In Memoriam Ring combines the Ivy symbolism with the spirit of the classic Victorian mourning ring, with its interwoven braided band. Nothing could say forever better.

In our Ivy collection you'll also find petite dainty leaf ear studs, as well as the Hedera Ivy Mini Climber studs. For our Pack who prefer something chunkier and perhaps a bit more gothic, our Hedera Wreath Band is the one for you.

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