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Behind the Vines - Symbolism of Ivy in Jewellery Design

Common Ivy
Scientific name - Hedera helix

Ivy, scientifically known as Hedera, is a versatile and resilient plant that is a common sight to most of us around the world. It has been revered for its symbolic significance throughout history, so its only natural we would decide to design our own take on this wild beauty. Its lush green foliage and ability to climb and cover surfaces have made it a powerful cultural symbol, one we now draw into our Dixi jewellery wardrobe.

Eternal life

One of the most common associations with ivy is its representation of eternal life and immortality. Its evergreen nature and ability to regenerate even in harsh conditions have made it a symbol of resilience and longevity.

In ancient Greece and Rome, ivy was dedicated to Dionysus and Bacchus, deities associated with wine, ecstasy, and the cycles of life and death. Ivy was often intertwined with grapevines, signifying the connection between life, death, and rebirth.

The chunky Hedera Wreath Ring is our take on this. With tendrils perpetually curled round and round in beautiful sterling silver, they can grow infinitely with no restraint. 

Love & Fidelity

Closely linked to its association with eternity, ivy has also been linked to love, fidelity, and friendship. Its twisting and interlocking vines symbolize the strong bonds of relationships and the enduring nature of love. Ivy has been used in weddings and celebrations to represent the eternal bond between two individuals.

Our Hedera In Memoriam Tui Boho Ring is the perfect representation of this concept. Where it also draws on inspiration from braided Victorian Mourning Rings, it truly does say forever, through life and death.


Ivy also carries connotations of transformation and personal growth. As it climbs and spreads, ivy is often seen as a symbol of progress, adaptability, and overcoming obstacles. Its ability to transform barren spaces into lush green landscapes mirrors the human journey of personal development and self-improvement.

The Hedera Mini Ivy Climber studs transform from a simple delicate gothic boho stud into something altogether more magical as they climb and grow up your earring layers.


However, ivy also possesses a contradictory symbolism. It can be seen as a representation of attachment and entanglement, as its creeping nature can choke and suffocate other plants. In literature and art, ivy has been portrayed as a symbol of obsession or the destructive aspects of desire.

So, it's time to embrace the essence woven within its verdant tendrils. With its timeless elegance, our Hedera Ivy gothic jewels will effortlessly merge with the tapestry of your existing Dixi jewellery collection. Add yourself some silver Ivy magic to your Autumn stack now!

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