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The Fox Goddess

Sionna, Goddess of the Fox

The Granddaughter of the Ocean Goddess Lir, Sionna was a Goddess who created the River Shannon, Ireland; but not only this, she was also worshipped as a Fox Goddess. Being renowned for her beauty and cunning, it was only natural that the legends of Sionna linked her with the image of the humble Fox. 

The name Sionna (pronounced Shuh-nah or Shah-nah) is derived from 'Sionainn', which in Irish Mythology means 'possessor of Wisdom' or 'little wise one'. Those Fox connotations just don't end.

The name is also sometimes written as Sionnan, Sionnach, or Sinann.

Image credits: Alexandra Bockareva sourced via Pinterest

Even though information about her is sparse, it is said that Sionna was a shapeshifter, easily transforming from human to animal should she be in danger.  One second you may behold the red-headed beauty emerging from the river... the next, a flash of red fur rushes past as the human Sionna vanishes, and the Fox Goddess rises.

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