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Welcome to our escritoire of articles and journal entries

The Dixi Journal

Fox Facts

Welcome to the enchanting world of foxes, where cunning elegance meets untamed beauty.  Scientific name: Vulpes vulpes Natural habitats include hedgerow, woodlands, meadows Foxes are caninesFoxes belong to the Canidae family,...

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The Fox & The Ivy

We are so excited to introduce you to our brand new sterling silver nature inspired rings... our Fox & Ivy stackers! Influenced by our fondness of foxes, and the magic...

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The Fox Goddess

Sionna, Goddess of the Fox The Granddaughter of the Ocean Goddess Lir, Sionna was a Goddess who created the River Shannon, Ireland; but not only this, she was also worshipped as a...

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Introducing the Aesthetics Emblem Ring

  Meet the Dixi Aesthetics Emblem Ring. A chunky vintage inspired multi-faceted sterling silver band ring featuring imagery that encompasses our aesthetics to a tee. Each facet symbolises us, our...

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New Office Makeover Part 2

In our previous blog we left you toward the end of 2022 after the ceiling of our new office fell in. We won't get into the ins and outs of...

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Autumn / Winter Aesthetics

 The Aesthetics Autumn Winter 23/24  Autumncore Deep siennas and maple browns, golden leaves and warm amber, this isn't just an aesthetic it's a state of mind.  Autumn inspired jewellery Dark...

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We have a secret... Part 1

You know by now that we are good at keeping secrets... and we've been keeping another one! Welcome to PART 1 of our NEW OFFICE MAKEOVER series!  We've been looking for our perfect studio...

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