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Our Sustainability Journey

Our journey

The past few years gave us a lot of time to reflect, as I am sure it did for many of you. We pressed pause on any purchasing and designing, and took an opportunity to really think about the direction Dixi would be taking in the long term.

And our realisations ended up being simple, really. We want to offer products that will last you a lifetime, that will hold true meaning, and make you feel good. 

We are conscious of the impact we have on the environment, not only as part of Dixi but in our personal lives too. We (just like lots of you) are ever striving to be better and will try and hold ourselves accountable to the decisions we make both on the clock and off. In our efforts to be transparent, we are going to run down some of the goals and commitments that we have been making through the last few years, and where we'll be improving next.


  • As of 2019-2020 we began designing and purchasing from our UK manufacturer with our mission to reduce our carbon footprint by purchasing locally (and support our UK economy). This was with the view to introduce only Sterling Silver & 9ct Gold items to the website going forward.
  • In 2021 we began producing the core collection that you now see on the website.
  • Our manufacturers where possible at our request, will use recycled 925 silver from in-house excess runs.
  • These are long lasting materials and it is our hope that they will have a long and happy life with you. As with any material product, you should take care of your jewels. We cover this on our care page here.
  • We are transitioning out of our plated jewellery lines but you will find the remainder of our plated necklaces, earrings and bracelets available on the website. Please check the product descriptions where all materials are clearly stated.
  • Prior to 2019 we worked with a range of trusted suppliers globally. As they aren't able to provide the services that we need going forward, our working relationships with them have drawn to a close. As of now, all our suppliers (including for packaging supplies outlined below) are based within the UK and where possible produce their products in the UK.


We all know everyone wants to receive a beautiful parcel, but at what cost? 
We admit, when starting out back in 2013 that beautiful branded extra packaging was something we strived to work toward and for a time it was something that we started to offer. It looks professional, it gets your excited when it drops through your door, and it’s aesthetically pleasing. However, as we have grown as a brand and as people, it’s no longer what we are looking for in the Dixi brand. For that single minutes 'unboxing experience, we found ourselves asking 'is it worth the environmental footprint for additional products that will inevitably end up in the landfill'? 

We believe there is a way to provide a personalised opening experience for each and every one of you, without the impact on the planet and the additional expense.

Our packaging reduction timeline has looked a little like this;

  • 2018 - We make a commitment to not purchase any additional plastic packaging. Whilst this has always been the best way to send and store jewels to keep them air tight and away from moisture during transit, we believe there are better solutions. We only send plastic baggies where we deem it absolutely necessary, and we will continue to consciously use what we already have. Once our current stock runs out, we will not purchase anymore, and will make a switch to a more sustainable alternative.
  • 2018 - We also make a commitment to re-use as much packaging as we possibly can - for example, all packaging we receive our wholesale products in, as well as our own personal online shopping packaging. We know our customers understand when we send our their parcels in a re-used box and giving that extra journey to it saves it going straight in the bin. We usually reserve this for our return customers that we have an existing relationship with, but if you are also happy to opt for this, please just add a note at checkout! If you place an order that requires protective packaging it will probably contain a mixture of re-used bubble wrap, recyclable cardboard bubble wrap, or biodegradable peanuts.
  • 2019 - We make a commitment to not purchase any more printed jewellery packaging (e.g. foiled paper envelopes) so we can transfer to sustainable alternatives. Again, we don’t like to use excess packaging so we will continue to consciously use what we have until it runs out. In this transition period you may continue to find a mixture of old and new packaging in your parcels.
  • 2020 - A small change, but we swapped the size of our invoice paper to A5 – literally cutting our paper use in half. 
  • 2020 - Another small change with a big long term impact, replacing our exterior box tape from Sellotape to biodegradable tape.
  • Ongoing - We ask that all our customers to thoughtfully purchase their goods. We know that returns are inevitable when online shopping (and we have a legal obligation to provide a returns policy so don't panic, it won't be going anywhere!), but we hope that you take a moment to think about each purchase you make and the carbon footprint both orders and returns causes. In return, we promise to assist you via email or DM’s as best we can when you need help deciding on your size or stacking goals.


We plant 1 tree for every order. Our new packaging is purchased with the environment in mind. This means all packaging is, where possible, made from recycled materials. All packaging is recyclable, compostable or biodegradable including tapes. Inks used in printable materials are vegan. All our products are purchased from UK suppliers, meaning a lower carbon footprint. We encourage you to reuse your packaging before discarding - so when you receive your parcel, use a sharp edge to open it at the seams so it's ready to use again.

Postal Packaging 

  • External packaging (i.e. the box your order is shipped in) is constructed of FSC certified paper in the form of single walled cardboard, and the box is 100% recyclable. 
  • External tape is 100% plastic-free and biodegradable.
  • To help with the recycling process, we recommend peeling off the thermal printed label with your address, along the tape. Shred the label, and then place them both in the relevant disposal bins (this may differ in your region so check with your local authorities).
  • All our packaging is now produced by UK based manufacturers.


Internal Packaging 

  • Our invoices are printed on recycled and recyclable paper produced in the UK. 
  • All printed materials (which we consider very carefully before producing) are printed on recycled and recyclable paper using vegetable-based inks produced in the UK. 
  • We no longer individually package items. This is to reduce any excess waste. 
  • Newly purchased padded packaging and void fill may consist of biodegradable peanuts, biodegradable wood wool or recyclable kraft paper / paper bubble wrap produced in the UK. 
  • Re-used padded packaging and void fill may consist of bubble wrap, newspaper and other materials. If you would prefer not to receive any re-used packaging please just let us know at checkout and we will try our best to oblige.
  • We are in the process of transitioning from our printed foil envelopes (not recyclable) to recycled paper and fully recyclable basic envelopes produced in the UK.
  • In future if we opt for additional, alternative packaging, we will ensure it is environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing enough to be re-used. This probably won’t include our logo, as we know that it’s not always what you want to re-use on a daily basis! We will also update this page to reflect the particulars, and we will use a UK supplier to reduce carbon emissions.
  • We will provide images on our packaging page of what your parcel will likely look as of September 2022. As we transition from old packaging into new, you may still find a mixture inside. 


What else?

  • We plant 1 tree for every order. You can view our full blog post on our partnership with Ecologi here.
  • When you checkout using Shop Pay, Shopify will automatically cover the cost to make your order carbon neutral.
  • Our office energy plan is supplied by 100% renewable sources.
  • We will always donate excess items / packaging we have to either charity shops, freecycle, or support our local zero waste craft shop. We aim to only throw away items that are simply unusable.
  • Finally, whilst we may not be perfect, we are trying and will continue to do so to make sure we do our best to protect this beautiful planet.

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