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Dixi Office Favourite Podcasts

Awoo Dixi Fam,

We were a little late to the podcast game, but now we are obsessed. As you might imagine, we spend a lot of time working at our laptops in the Dixi office, so podcasts have become a big part of our days and we love something we can have a debate over! 

The things we like in a podcast:
A story that is going to make us collectively go 'WHAT THE FVCK??'
An engaging presenter / storyteller with a nice voice :')
Office debate potential
Presenter(s) who don't keep going off topic
Not too many adverts
Ideally, an end with a resolution! But it isn't a dealbreaker.

Crime Junkie has become a part of our weekly podcast routine now! And every one of these podcast series has made us like WHAT IS GOING ON? Unashamedly binged. Amy's tip is to not look up photos of the people discussed until you've finished the series... I (Vicky) however cannot resist looking up ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING right away :')
Honourable Mentions - Fake Heiress, Joe Exotic

True Crime is where I belong, in case you hadn't noticed! Crime Junkie is my absolute favourite so I always look forward to a new episode every Monday. Hosts Ashley & Britt like to cover lesser known stories so you can expect cases that haven't heard in other true crime podcasts.
Man In The Window has to be one of my favourites of all time - it's an absolutely insane story starting in the 1970's, a case that went cold until DNA advancements meant the killer was finally apprehended in 2018. It's crazy! But there is some really creepy audio of the actual killer and graphic descriptions used in this that is definitely going to be a bit much for some people. Listen with caution!
Honourable Mentions - The Ricky Gervais Show, True Crime Bullsh**, Office Ladies, They Walk Among Us, Root of Evil, Bear Brook, The Teacher's Pet, Fake Heiress

Honourable Mentions - The Drop Out


rSlash - Easy-to-listen to Reddit stories that you can have on in the background. It also has some bonus adorable puppy bloopers at the end of some episodes.
Tokyo Tales - The Simon and Martina Podcast - Simon and Martina are a couple from Canada talking about their life living in Japan, a career as YouTubers, travelling and life with chronic illness. A wholesome and funny podcast.
Potterless - As a Potterhead since childhood, this podcast is a great listen. Mike Schubert reads the series for the first time as an adult. It’s fun hearing his theories and predictions, with a range of guests helping him along (but giving him no spoilers).
Death in the Afternoon - The Order of the Good DeathCaitlin Doughty of The Order of the Good Death and Ask A Mortician on YouTube, along with hosts Louise Hung and Sarah Chavez talk all things death, corpses, and mortality. They talk through some important issues and help dispel fears and taboos surrounding death. An excellent, thoughtful listen.
Honourable Mentions - JaackMaates Happy Hour, No F’n Regrets with Robb Flynn, The Jasta Show, A Conversation With..... Philip DeFranco.

We are always looking for new podcast recommendations, so feel free to drop us a comment on our socials @shopdixi or here on the blog if you ever have something that you think that we might love!

Lots of love, your Sisters at Dixi x

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