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The Correct Guide to Letter Writing

Hey Dixi Pack,

We thought you might enjoy some of these excerpts from this 1925 book called 'The Correct Guide to Letter Writing'. Written by 'A Member of the Aristocracy' you know you're in for a good time. We could probably post a few more, but these are some of our favourites. Now you'll know exactly how to write a letter in these... strangely specific circumstances ;)

'From a Gentleman to a Lady he has Seen but Twice.'
Got to get those third date intentions set out in writing.

'From a Gentleman of Middle Age to a Young Lady.'
Leonardo DiCaprio, this one is for you babe x

'Unfavourable answer from a Young Lady to a Middle-aged Gentleman respecting a Proposal of Marriage.'
I mean... at least we have some guidance on how to write an 'unfavourable answer'?! You'd half expect the 'Member of the Aristocracy' writing this to not bother :')

'From a Lady to a Gentleman to whom she is Engaged complaining of his Coldness.'
Sounds like she needs to dump him tbh.

'From a Gentleman to a Fishmonger.'
It's 2022, so I expect us ladies are now also allowed to write letters to our Fishmongers, so go forth and enjoy!

I hope these gave you a giggle like they did me! I love looking through these to get a feel for the 'style' of writing of the 1920's and the kind of language used, but yeah. The out dated attitudes can stay in the past!

Victoria x

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