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Zoom The Fox & The Ivy Wax Seal Necklace
Zoom The Fox & The Ivy Wax Seal Necklace
Zoom The Fox & The Ivy Wax Seal Necklace
Zoom The Fox & The Ivy Wax Seal Necklace
Zoom The Fox & The Ivy Wax Seal Necklace
Zoom The Fox & The Ivy Wax Seal Necklace
Zoom The Fox & The Ivy Wax Seal Necklace
Zoom The Fox & The Ivy Wax Seal Necklace

The Fox & The Ivy Wax Seal Necklace


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In the shadows of Selene's moonlight gaze, the ivy creeps where the lone fox lays...

Inspired by the world that is hidden beyond our Enchanted Secret Door Ring, we bring to you our Fox, Moon and Ivy Wax Seal inspired necklace. Matching ring available.


These are oxidised giving them an antiqued worn look. If you're looking for a highly polished piece then this isn't for you.

We do not recommend using the actual design of this pendant for wax seals, as it may irreparably damage the intricate antiqued detailing - using the pendant in this manner is at your own risk. We will NOT offer refunds or replacements for damage caused by using this with hot wax.

Pendant - Sterling Silver
Chain - Rhodium Plated Mixed Metal Alloys.

Chain Length - 14-17" or 20-23" (Adjustable Extender Chain)
Pendant Front - Height 16mm + 2mm Bail

Behind The Series

Scientific name Vulpes vulpes
Natural habitats Hedgerow, woodlands, meadows
Species Canine
Family Foxes are typically monogamous and mate for life
Folklore Foxes have always been prominent figures in folklore and mythology around the world. They often symbolize cunning, intelligence, and transformation.
Sionna The red fox is a popular character in Celtic mythology and fairytales. A creature of beauty and cunning, in Irish myth the fox is associated with the river Goddess Sionna (SHUH-NA) who had the ability to shapeshift between fox and human forms.
Aurora Borealis In Northern Finland, the humble fox is credited with conjuring the majestic Aurora Borealis. As it leaps and bounds over the snow, magical sparks are created that light up the long night skies.

Necklace & Choker Sizing

Chain lengths are provided on each product page.

‣ Chokers will typically be from 9" up to 13".
‣ Necklaces will typically be from 14" upwards.

Use a piece of ribbon / string and a ruler to ascertain your preferred chain length that fits exactly how you like it.

Extender Chains

Our necklaces often come with an additional extender chain attached to the necklace chain. The exact size of the extender will be stated in the description (e.g. Chain - 14" + 3" Adjustable Extender Chain). So in this example, you'd be able to adjust your necklace to any length between 14" and 17".

Shipping Info

Fast dispatch

We dispatch from the UK within 48 hours Monday-Friday with the exception of peak times.

Full information can be found here.

Get in touch

We are here Monday-Friday and aim to respond to all queries within 2 working days. For existing orders you can get in touch here. For pre sales please feel free to DM us on @shopdixi or email, whichever you would prefer!


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