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Vir Fidelis Ivy Fede Hands Ring


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Latin: Vir Fidelis "The Faithful"

Meet the enchanting vintage-inspired Vir Fedelis Ivy Fede Ring, a ring born from our love of Victorian jewelry and the sentimental motifs hidden within them.

With two beautiful clasped hands entwined in love and trust and delicate Hedera tendrils woven around their wrists, for ivy represents growth, connection, and everlasting love. Our Fede ring is a deeply sentimental piece, made for soulmates, lovers, and friends alike. Fede hand rings came into major prominence during the 19th century. Victorian fede hands, also known as clasped hands, were a popular motif in Victorian jewelry and art. The term "fede" comes from the Italian word for "faith," and these hands were often used as a symbol of love, loyalty, and fidelity.

The fede hands symbolism extends beyond romantic relationships. It also represents friendship and loyalty. The intertwined fingers signifies the strong bond between friends, emphasizing trust and support.

- These are oxidised giving them an antiqued worn look. If you're looking for a highly polished piece then this might not be for you.
- The ivy detail is featured to the front & sides of the ring blending into a plain band for comfortable everyday wear.

Recycled Sterling Silver

Ring Front - 10mm
Band - 3mm

New in the Evermore collection

The newest addition in our Evermore collection, inspired by traditional symbols of friendship & romance intertwined with a Dixi twist. These special pieces are more than just a magical adornment. When purchased with intention, whether for yourself or someone you love, it transforms into a token that silently declares 'evermore'.

Whoever you choose this for, sentimentality is at the heart.

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This is the measurement of the inside of the band from one side to the other. Typical sizes are around 14-20mm.

(Inner Diameter)
XXX SMALL [MIDI] 14 - 14.75MM F - H 3 - 4 45/46
XX SMALL [MIDI] 15 - 15.5MM I - J¼ 4¼ - 4¾ 47/48
EXTRA SMALL 15.75MM J½ 5 49/50
SMALL 16.25MM - 16.5MM L½ 6 51/52
MEDIUM 17.25MM - 17.5MM ½-O 7 54/55
LARGE 18MM - 18.25MM ½ - Q 8 57/58
EXTRA LARGE 19MM R½ 9 59/60
XX LARGE 20MM T½ - U 10 62/63
11 64/65

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