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7 Reasons Why We Love Artemis

There are many reasons why we fell under the spell of Artemis - not only is she a Goddess who effortlessly commands respect, but a woman with countless relatable qualities.

1. She is an ardent Animal Lover

You'll nearly always see her alongside her faithful Stags and Dogs, animals you'll see gazing lovingly up to their Mistress.
As the Goddess of the Sacred Hunt, it is an act that she does not take lightly. Her Hunt is a ceremony to honour the animals she loves so much. 


2. Lover of Nature

Artemis is a fierce protector of her home, the Wildlands. She is most at home in the trees, amongst the flora and fauna. She only ever returns to the city when called upon by women in childbirth who seek her aid.


3. She lives in the Mountains

On her 3rd birthday, one of the gifts she requested from her father Zeus was simply 'all the Mountains'. With a smile, he obliged.
If that isn't life goals, we don't know what is.

4. She is a Moon Goddess

Artemis is a Goddess of the Moon, and as such you'll always see her with a Moon Diadem upon her head. When she bends her bow to shoot, the arc of the bow becomes the silver Sliver of the Moon, lighting up the night sky. With this bright moonlight, she has the power to lead armies to victory, and enemies to ruin. 


5. She is a Tamer of Wild Bears

As a lover and Mistress of animals, naturally she has the ability to tame the wildest beasts. One story particularly stands out - Artemis tamed a beautiful wild Bear, and lovingly introduced it to the people of Athens. But a young girl teased the Bear, and it killed her in defence. The young girls' brothers sought revenge, and cruelly slaughtered Artemis' beloved creature. Artemis was enraged, and demanded payment for her loss. Every year thereafter, the young girls of Athens would dress up and dance the role of the 'She-Bear' to honour Artemis and her sacred animal.


6. She believes in Nymphs before bros

Artemis knew from a young age that she would refuse marriage. Instead, she asked her father Zeus for her eternal virginity and 20 Nymphs for her companions. Together the danced, sang, swam, and hunted through the Forest together, unshackled by men whether they be mortal or God. If any man were to venture uninvited to their sacred Grove, Artemis' punishments were severe. Actaeon in particular found this out the hard way.


7. She is a Master Archeress

Artemis yields a silver Bow & Arrow crafted by the great Cyclopes. A practiced Archeress since she was a child, she can shoot the smallest target effortlessly. She is proud to be the best of the Hunters, and it is a title that she takes very seriously. When Adonis boasts that he is the better Hunter, she dispatches a Wild Boar to kill him. 


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