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A Blog of Beautiful Plant Names

Awoo Dixi Fam,

While shooting the vintage books for our Ad Venari mini collection, we came across some brilliant plant names and couldn't resist sharing some with you. We know our family would appreciate some of these too! So if any of you are in the market for some brand new insults to add to your friends banter repertoire, look no further. You're welcome :)

1. Bastard Toadflax (Noun) e.g. "Simon, you bastard toadflax, get out of my DMs."
2. Hoary Ragwort (Noun) e.g.
"Look at him, the hoary ragwort."
3. Bastard Pimpernel (Noun) e.g.
"Only bastard pimpernels catcall women *eyeroll*"
4. Hairy St. John's Wort (Noun) e.g.
Any one who thinks a 'friend zone' exists.
5. Hairy Violet (Noun) -
the most popular girls name of the COVID-19 baby boom.
6. Bulbous Fumewort (Noun) -
used to describe an incel stewing away in a computer chair in a dark basement, trying to tell women online how ugly they are.
7. Bog Arum (Noun) -
the Bulbous Fumewort's accomplice; he messages random women on Instagram, and then says 'u women r all the sam, I'm not interested anyway, ur a fat slag lol' when said random woman doesn't reply within 5 minutes.
8. Policeman's Helmet (Noun) -
A man who feels the need to mansplain things to women who are more qualified than him.
9. Hairy Buttercup (Noun) -
Anyone who calls you 'dear' or 'sweetie' in a patronising way.

Feel free to change gender pronouns to suit! These are just how we would use them :')

Lots of love, your sisters at Dixi xx

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