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Please, don't give up on us! An honest business chat.

Whilst it still seems very quiet around here, we are still continuing to work on some big changes for us and for Dixi.

We know we told you in September when we relaunched that we were slowing down and streamlining our offering - but this past Autumn and Winter has been way slower than we could have even imagined!

The jewellery production world has really struggled in the last three years. Since C*vid and Brexit hit, many small businesses like ourselves have been transitioning to local manufacturers right here in the UK. This has of course meant that these manufacturers have been really struggling to cope with the demand. We've had to wait a lot longer than usual to get our designs made and into our inventory, and where we had been hoping to begin monthly mini drops or 1-2 new items beginning at the start of this year, it quickly became clear that this just won't be possible for the time being.

This has been stressful for a number of reasons. We are still a business that needs to make money and pay our bills. With costs rising to eye-watering levels (yep, businesses are hit by energy prices soaring, postage cost increases, etc too!), and the amount of money people having to spend on treats like jewellery being drastically reduced, it's been a worrying time. We spent SO much of 2022 pouring our hearts and souls to just two designs; we are talking hours and hours and HOURS - to then be hit with increasing costs, Instagram algorithms strangling our reach, the worst shipping delays we have ever seen... it hurts!

It's goes without saying but major thanks to all our loyal customers who have been able to place an order here and there, even saving your pennies for our spendy vintage lines, Selene and Artemis! We know you have probably been facing your own money and life worries like ours too. Even the smallest orders have made a HUGE difference.

We currently have a handful of designs waiting to be made, and we're excited to say that the tide seems to be turning! Momentum is building, and we're hoping to have some very exciting NEWNESS to bring you within the next few months and through the latter half of the year. Expect foresty magic, creeping ivy curling around your fingers, swords with which to slay your enemies, cute bois, and some more *fun* products.

Thank you all who have stuck around with us, not given up on us, spent your extra pennies with us, sent us lovely messages, dropped likes and comments on our posts, and generally just been incredible friends to us and our little business. You've kept us going through some very low times.

We can't wait for a more positive year in 2023! (It has to be a better year this year, right?! :')) Stay tuned for updates and teasers on what we have in store for you!

Hugs and howls,
Amy and Vicky x

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