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In Memory of You - Stories of Victorian Mourning Rings

In Memoriam Tui
In Memory of You

Our enchanting sterling silver braided band rings draw direct inspiration from traditional 19th-century mourning rings which were a distinctive style of jewelry popular during the Victoria era. 

These rings served multiple purposes. They were worn by grieving family members and close friends as a visible sign of mourning, allowing them to publicly display their loss and pay homage to the departed. Victorian society placed great emphasis on mourning etiquette, and the wearing of mourning jewelry, including rings, was considered a respectful and appropriate gesture. 

Braided mourning rings were highly personalized and were deeply sentimental, serving as tangible mementos of lost loved ones. The use of hair as a material for memorialization was extremely common at the time. These rings were cherished keepsakes and went on to become beloved heirlooms passed down through generations, carrying not only the grief of the past but also the stories and legacies of those who wore them. The braided hair was carefully woven and arranged in intricate patterns (like the criss-cross pattern of our In Memoriam rings), symbolizing the interconnectedness of life and death.

This beautiful Antique mourning ring is a perfect example of mourning jewellery of the period and its Gothic Victoriana style. It features intricate braided hairwork (using real hair from the person being memorialised) as a central element. It also has engraved initials M.G. on the front, and an engraving on the inside of the band that reads 'In remembrance of M.G died March 20th 1864'. It's incredible to think of the stories being told silently by this ring.  

Hedera In Memoriam Tui

Combining all the meaning threaded through braided Victorian rings with the symbolism of the ivy leaf, our Hedera In Memoriam Tui Ring was born. Where the braided represents the interconnectedness between both souls and life and death, the ivy represents infinity. This ring is about eternal love and perfectly manifests the Victorian Gothic aesthetic.


Victorian mourning rings embodied the complex emotions surrounding loss and grief. They served as potent symbols of remembrance, a tangible connection to the departed, and a visual representation of mourning customs of the era. Today, they continue to hold historical, cultural, and sentimental value, offering a glimpse into the intricate rituals associated with mourning in the Victorian era.

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