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Shades of Artemis

Artemis is here with her colour palette picks for the season...

Smoke Green

We are thinking cool eucalyptus and sage green shades. Almost pastel but with the saturation pulled down a little. Less is more. We're inspired by Wedgwood Sage Green, and the light green tinge of a marble statue reflecting the leaves of the forest.

Warm Nude

Browns, creams, and all neutrals with a warm, yellow, sunlit undertone to keep us warm this winter. Inspired by the soft fur coats of Artemis' sacred creatures.

Olive Green

The richest of rich green, the colour of health and abundance. Saturation up, with these kind of shades you can almost taste the succulent sourness.

Forest Green

The shade of nature, of the deep forest. The shade of Artemis' luscious grove. These greens have cooler blue undertones, like those of the evergreen.


You'll find lots of these tones throughout our Artemis collection and the specially curated vintage treasure trove we have compiled to compliment our signature Artemis ring. Now we task you to go out and find some complimenting pieces yourself (especially thrifted pieces!), and let us know if you do!

Aaaaaand because we know you will ask!
Nail shade picks

Barry M - Espresso
Barry M - Eucalyptus
Barry M - Thyme
Nail Kind - Green Daze
Nails Inc - Wipe the Slate Green
Nails Inc - Zen out of Zen
Revlon - Commander in Chief

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