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A Strange Time At Dixi: how we are dealing with Coronavirus

Awoo Dixi Fam,

We are aware that you might be struggling with people constantly talking about Coronavirus and want to avoid it. We get it. But we thought we'd share what we are doing at Dixi to deal with it for people that are interested, and maybe give you some ideas for keeping a positive mind during this worrying time! We understand if you need to skip this post and check in again when we are back at posting our usual random content! :)

We have made the tough decision to partially close our office at this time. Whilst nothing will change to the visible eye, some of our staff will be working remotely in the coming weeks. Our Boss Mama Extraordinaire Amy will be at Dixi HQ (and joined by her lovely husband Matt when an extra pair of hands is needed!) daily fulfilling your orders and making sure they get out to you all with love and care! 

As we are in the fortunate position of being able to rearrange schedules to work remotely, we have decided that this is the most socially responsible thing to do for the foreseeable future. While we ourselves would most likely be absolutely fine if we were to contract the virus and recover well from infection, we all have close relatives who are vulnerable. We will consider ourselves this lone matchstick for the time being.

Please think about the steps you can take yourself, and most importantly, wash your hands!

Are you doing all that you can?
Are you aware of who around you could be susceptible?
Are you mindful of everyone you are in contact with?
Do you know anyone that could use your help right now?
Are you buying responsibly? Only buy what you absolutely need, and if you are in the position to be able to do so, perhaps buy the more expensive brand(s) and leave the cheaper brands for people less fortunate than yourself.
Are you supporting small businesses? It's going to be a tough time for small businesses including ourselves, in the high street and online. Please consider making a special effort to support them at this time!

Like we said, nothing will be changing for our customers at Dixi as of right now.

However this will of course be dependant on our couriers and postal services. As of the time of this post, our DHL and Royal Mail services are still collecting and delivering as usual (although this may be different in your region, especially if you are outside of the UK). Should this situation change, we will notify you all here, via email, and our social media platforms. Please allow extra time for delivery, and be kind and considerate of the job that postal workers at doing at this time. 

If you need assistance when ordering, or with an existing order, Naomi will be available as usual 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday at You can expect her to get back to you within 1-3 business days, although she is usually much quicker than this! Please include all your order information so she can assist you efficiently.

Victoria will be monitoring all social comments and messages including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but if you need help with an existing order please make sure you email Naomi at customer service, as for security reasons we won't deal with your personal information over social media.

We just want to take this opportunity to remind all our Dixi Fam that alongside being mindful and kind to others, use this strange and sometimes scary time to make sure you are looking after yourself too. The little things like drinking plenty of water and eating well are the things that make all the difference! Work on creating some new healthy habits. Read that book on your shelf that you bought years ago and never got around to starting. Send a message to an old friend. Learn something new. Step away from social media for a few hours. Research that subject that's been at the back of your mind for ages. Get plenty of sleep. Listen to your body.

Have you got some ideas for things we can add to this list and practice at home? Let us know!

Lots of love, your sisters at Dixi x


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