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A New Morning Routine With Amy [Our Founder & Director]

Awoo Dixi Fam,

At Dixi we had been planning to utilise the blog as our little place of positivity and inspiration, for times when you aren't shopping and just want to come and hang out with us!

As many of you are stuck at home at the minute, we thought we'd step up our game a little sooner than intended to ensure we are helping you pass the time with a sprinkle of Dixi. We have a number of planned posts for the coming weeks so make sure you bookmark us and check-in.

So, if you are wondering why I am telling you about a new  routine, you may want to catch up on our last blog post "A Strange Time At Dixi: how we are dealing with coronavirus" about our decisions on remote working. As I have the least distance to travel [a matter of minutes], with the ability to not interact with anyone and the option to distance myself from vulnerable relatives, we all agreed on the decision that myself [and my husband Matt when needed] would be the ones to remain in the office, and keeping the magical cogs turning.

Now, it's no secret that I love my office alone time at the weekends. This is when you'll often find me lighting a candle, replying to emails that need my attention, making my lists ready for the week, and in general finding my focus without the usual distractions of a busy office.

With that being said, it's going to be strange going it alone for the longest time since the business began back in 2013, so I thought I would share what I am going to be doing as my morning routine in these unique times. While the rest of the team are working remotely, my role will become slightly different as I pick up the general everyday tasks, and they themselves pick up some of my own tasks that can be done out of the office.

Luckily at Dixi, we are a hands-on team. We each get stuck into the everyday tasks especially at peak times, so we are used to switching up our roles. It may surprise you if you don't know our brand particularly well, but we are a small team of only 5 [with occasional extras at peak] and we love it this way.

So here's my new planned morning routine;

1. Get in a little earlier than usual, warm the office up, pop an essential oil in the burner, or light one of our new incense cones.

2. Stretch & meditate for approximately 15 minutes.
This is something that I don't usually get to do - having a small, open office means there is no quiet place. I will be taking the opportunity to allow myself this gentle grace and show myself some self-love, which is something I tend to neglect.

Meditation is not something I thought I would enjoy, but after having a rough year mentally and physically I finally caved to my sisters' suggestions and do you know what? I actually love it! It's hard for me to turn my thoughts off, but this helps to focus and calm me. I have currently been listening to Mary Maddux on the Insight Timer app, as I find her voice soothing. Usually I only have the opportunity to do this in the evening before sleep, so I am excited to incorporate this into my office routine. If you are sceptical about meditation, I urge you to give it a go with an open mind!

3. Print, pick, and pack orders with love.
This is a quiet time of year for us so it's nice to have the freedom to take our time in this area. Feel free to leave me an "Ahwooooo" in the notes section to make me smile, and I might even pop you a treat in your order! The world needs a little love right now.

4. Put on some music or podcast, make a good cup of tea, and eat a proper breakfast.

5. Check in on our insta Fam.
We genuinely have some amazing customers who have turned friends on there. Victoria & I split the social media duties the majority of the time, and we always recognise the familiar faces.

And that pretty much wraps up my new morning routine! I will then switch my day up between tasking and fulfilling orders as we like to pack right up to our collection cut off point, which is currently 1pm GMT for International and 3pm GMT for UK, just in case you are wondering :)

Let us know in the comments if your routine has changed amidst this epidemic and if there is anything you find is helping?

Lots of love,



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