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Sionna Goddess of the Fox Ring


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Nestled in the safety of her delicate sterling silver ivy wreath detail, this sweet Fox head ring will be a welcome newcomer in your nature inspired ring stack.

Sterling Silver

Ring Front - 8mm
Band - 2mm

Behind The Series

Scientific name Vulpes vulpes
Natural habitats Hedgerow, woodlands, meadows
Species Canine
Family Foxes are typically monogamous and mate for life
Folklore Foxes have always been prominent figures in folklore and mythology around the world. They often symbolize cunning, intelligence, and transformation.
Sionna The red fox is a popular character in Celtic mythology and fairytales. A creature of beauty and cunning, in Irish myth the fox is associated with the river Goddess Sionna (SHUH-NA) who had the ability to shapeshift between fox and human forms.
Aurora Borealis In Northern Finland, the humble fox is credited with conjuring the majestic Aurora Borealis. As it leaps and bounds over the snow, magical sparks are created that light up the long night skies.

Ring Sizing Help

Complete Beginner?

It's best to actually try some rings on! Your local supermarket (Sainsburys, Walmart, Target, Tesco) probably have a display that you can utilise - and these rings tend to have a label with a USA or UK size, that you can use with our conversion chart!

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Find your millimetre diameter size by cross referencing the table below.

(Inner Diameter)
XXX SMALL [MIDI] 14 - 14.75MM F - H 3 - 4 45/46
XX SMALL [MIDI] 15 - 15.5MM I - J¼ 4¼ - 4¾ 47/48
EXTRA SMALL 15.75MM J½ 5 49/50
SMALL 16.25MM - 16.5MM L½ 6 51/52
MEDIUM 17.25MM - 17.5MM ½-O 7 54/55
LARGE 18MM - 18.25MM ½ - Q 8 57/58
EXTRA LARGE 19MM R½ 9 59/60
XX LARGE 20MM T½ - U 10 62/63
11 64/65

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