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What's on the Share Shelf?

Awoo Dixi Fam,

So we recently had an office deep clean, and one of our kitchen shelves has now been dedicated to office food sharing. On this shelf you'll find food that anyone in the office is welcome to feast on. The necessities include bourbons and rich tea biscuits. It's a very important part of the office, especially as sharing food is something that... we don't often do! And we thought it would be cute to share the shelf and the tasty tidbits we've found with you too!

*these Bourbons are our favourite and can be found SUPER cheap in Iceland. They are vegan, but as far as we are aware they are made in a factory that uses milk to manufacture other foods.

As Mama Bear Amy is following a vegan diet, when it comes to the share shelf we choose to make everything here vegan too. Can't have any one left out with the snacks! As we are in the UK, we can only be sure of availability in UK stores, but if you're an international follower and have found these in your local shops, feel free to comment below and let the rest of our Family know!

We've also added all these to our Amazon UK Storefront*.

Pulsin Protein Booster Bars
You can find them in - Holland & Barratt, Tesco, Amazon*, Boots
These come in SO many different flavours (Maple Peanut, Peanut Choc, Mint Choc & Cashew to name a few) and are the perfect snack to keep you going until lunch or dinner time! GIMME.

Lotus Biscoff
You can find them in - Tesco, Amazon*, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Iceland.
Do these make anyone else feel like they're on holiday? Because they are hotel mini bar classics! Make yourself a cuppa or a coffee and nab yourself a pack of these. The best.

Sweet Freedom Choc Shot
You can find it in - Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Morrison's, Amazon
Okay so this is so good. You can make hot chocolate with it (can confirm, Amy made me a huge mug using this and super tasty 10/10, especially if you have a milk frother / steamer to make it extra creamy), you can add it to porridge and pancakes, there are loads of different flavours, sweetened only with fruit extracts, and it's super low calorie! 

Imagine if we could ACTUALLY share our shelf with you all too though. (Hi, if any of these sweet vegan food companies want to sponsor us so we can send goodies to our Dixi family then hey :'))

Please share with us if you ever find some awesome vegan goodies while you're shopping, even if you don't buy! We promise to do the same. We'd hate to be missing out on something yummy!

Lots of love, your sisters at Dixi x

*Affiliate Link. By clicking through any of our affiliate links and making a purchase, we will earn a small percentage of that sale in commission.

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