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Welcome to the Court of Ice & Fire

Ahwoo Dixi Fam,

We are so proud to finally be able to unleash The Court of Ice and Fire on the world. She's been a long, long time due.

When we begun work on this collection (a LONG time ago, not even joking, many of these jewels have been waiting for their time to shine for 1-2 years +!) this was Ice Queen Phase 2. We loved the original Ice Queen collection back in 2015 (hands up if you were there!) and believed her story wasn’t over.

But as more pieces began to be added to the collection, her story took a turn. We started to see her a little more clearly, like a spectre coming into focus. She isn’t just an Ice Queen with frost in her heart… there is a fire burning inside her, too.

Her castle isn’t a crystal clear glacier. It’s a fortress atop a mountain of flames and glowing obsidian. She's a dragon tamer, and her creatures curl around the turrets, smoky breath rising into the winter air.

Only a true Ice Queen would thrive in an unforgiving landscape like this.

And so here the collection brings us.. to her Court of Ice & Fire.

As a collection with two faces, we are hoping that you will each infer your own meaning from each piece that ends up calling out to you. Perhaps instead of seeing long, pointed icicles in our Before the Dawn rings, you see rising flames. Perhaps you find yourself drawn to the mystical, dark black opals and red cubic zirconia pieces, rather than the mystic opals you'd expect from our traditional Ice Queen.

The Court of Ice & Fire is a collection of possibilities. Of mixing and matching, of trying something brand new, of being brave with your style, of embracing both sides of the same coin. In the words of Sirius Black, 'we've all got both light and dark inside us.'

So with that said, we'd like to challenge you to use this new collection to create something fresh. To choose something that you wouldn't normally... or to go for that ring that you love to look it but then thought 'oh but I couldn't pull it off. It wouldn't suit me'. Don't be afraid of mixing up different stones and styles! If you need some inspiration, head over to our Instagram where we've got lots of stacking inspo lined up over the next few weeks.

Get ready to feel regal like the Ice Queen! We hope these new treasures of ours bring a little light (and dark, in the right places) into your style this season.

Lots of love, your Sisters at Dixi x

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