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4 Easy Ways to Size A Ring at Home

It's easy to forget your size when you haven't purchased any jewellery in a while! But this doesn't need to be a big deal - if you've got a ring at hand that is a good fit for you, you can use this as a reference. Sizing a ring at home can be quick, simple, and accurate when you use the methods outlined below. 
The best type of ring to try these methods with is a Plain Sterling Silver band ring, something like our Simple Plain Band Rings, Elder Emo ring, Silvestre Thorn Branch Rings, or our Autumn is Calling Pumpkin Wreath Ring. These all have a nice even smooth inner circle, ideal for measuring.
Chunkier band rings tend to fit a little differently, so do these separately.

Use a ruler

Not a method to get an *exact* measurement, sure, but this will give you enough information to be confident in choosing your size when shopping with us.
Measure across the INSIDE of the band from one side to the other. Don't include the width of the band - you only want the INNER DIAMETER.

Ring Sizing Mandrel

Not everyone has one of these, we get it. If you're big into jewellery, these are a worthy investment though!
If you have access to a ring sizing mandrel, place the ring on the mandrel and gently push it down to determine the size. Ensure that the ring fits snugly over the mandrel without being too tight or loose.

Printable sizer

how to size a ring at home printable ring sizer
If you've got access to a printer, download our printable ring sizer and print it off at 100% (not to fit) on an A4 sheet. Place your ring on the circles in turn until you find the closest fit. The circle should sit inside the ring just touching the edge.

Sizing app

We're obsessed with this ring sizing app by Jason Withers. Download it here (or search Ring Sizer in the App store) and place your ring on the circle/grid. Use the scroller to match up the circle to the inside of your ring and read off your size. It even includes a USA / UK / EU conversion chart!


While these methods can give you a rough estimate of your ring size, keep in mind that there is still margin for error and they may not be as accurate as professional sizing. If you're ever unsure or need a precise fit, it's always recommended to visit a jeweller in person who can provide assistance.

And don't forget we have a super helpful sizing page and offer an easy returns policy so if you purchase and it isn't right, just send it back and get another size!

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