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Zoom Intricate Acorn Oak Wreath Squirrel Ring by Shop Dixi
Zoom Sleeping Shadow Tail Squirrel Wreath Ring | Talent Scout Design
Zoom Sleeping Shadow Tail Squirrel Wreath Ring | Talent Scout Design
Zoom Sleeping Shadow Tail Squirrel Wreath Ring | Talent Scout Design
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Zoom Sleeping Shadow Tail Squirrel Wreath Ring | Talent Scout Design
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Sleeping Shadow Tail Squirrel Wreath Ring | Talent Scout Design


Only 10 Available!

Greek: Squirrel comes from 'skiouros,' which is derived from 'skia,' meaning 'shadow,' and 'oura,' meaning 'tail.'

Meet your new best friend, the Sleeping Shadow Tail statement ring. Curled in a wreath of oak leaves, this little guy is going to awaken your Autumn heart every day of the year. This is a true Dixi statement ring to complete your witchy nature-inspired jewellery collection. This ring features antiqued detailing including the band. It does not have a polished look but rather a raw organic feel. Read more about the design process and our squirrel friends here.

Please reference the sizing below so you can see how it will look on your finger. Images shot on model size xs / s finger size. 

The Design
Design by Nina Pfeiffer as part of our Dixi Talent Scout Competition and brought to life in collaboration with Dixi, Chaser Spaeth @aseriesofsteps, along with our CAD master Caroline.

Sterling Silver

Ring Front - Height 15mm

Ring Sizing Help

Complete Beginner?

It's best to actually try some rings on! Your local supermarket (Sainsburys, Walmart, Target, Tesco) probably have a display that you can utilise - and these rings tend to have a label with a USA or UK size, that you can use with our conversion chart!

Already own a ring that's an ideal fit?

Just measure the inside of the band from one side to the other to get your millimeter size. Or, if you know your size in a UK or USA measurement, find your approximate millimeter size by cross referencing the table.

Have a UK or USA measurement?

Find your millimetre diameter size by cross referencing the table below.

Our tried and tested tips for choosing the right size

Thumb and Midi Rings

Choosing a thumb or midi ring size is easy!

Thumb - Size one up from your pointer finger if you wish to wear on the thumb.

Midi Ring - If you wear a size 5-7 select size 3 3/4. If you wear size 8 you can select 3 3/4 or 4. Size 9-10 select size 4. Size 11 select size 5.

From our years of experience we find these work 9 times out of 10. If you want to be 100% sure please use the size guide.

Size Guide

Rings are measured in MILLIMETRES

Remember, this is a very small measurement. If you measure yourself to be a size 16.5mm and we only have a size 16.25mm in stock, this is just a quarter of a mm (look at a ruler and you will see how small that is) so it's safe to say that a size 16.25mm will still fit comfortably.

Body temperature matters

Your body temperature matters when sizing and changes throughout the day. Cold skin will contract and warm skin expand, so we recommend sizing a few times throughout the day so you can get a better idea of your true ring size.

Consider sizing UP

Consider sizing up on rings if you are between sizes. A ring that is too small is much more likely to break or get damaged because of the extra pressure being exerted on the band.

Snuggies are great for small adjustments

You can find products called 'ring snuggies' online to help with any rings that may be slightly too loose. This is a little piece of plastic that can be discreetly wrapped around the back of the band to adjust the fit.

(Inner Diameter)
XXX SMALL [MIDI] 14 - 14.75MM F - H 3 - 4 45/46
XX SMALL [MIDI] 15 - 15.5MM I - J¼ 4¼ - 4¾ 47/48
EXTRA SMALL 15.75MM J½ 5 49/50
SMALL 16.25MM - 16.5MM L½ 6 51/52
MEDIUM 17.25MM - 17.5MM ½-O 7 54/55
LARGE 18MM - 18.25MM ½ - Q 8 57/58
EXTRA LARGE 19MM R½ 9 59/60
XX LARGE 20MM T½ - U 10 62/63
11 64/65

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We dispatch from the UK within 48 hours Monday-Friday with the exception of peak times.

Full information can be found here.

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We are here Monday-Friday and aim to respond to all queries within 2 working days. For existing orders you can get in touch here. For pre sales please feel free to DM us on @shopdixi or email, whichever you would prefer!


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