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Zoom Pumpkin, Acorn & Leaf Sterling Silver Ring by Shop Dixi
Zoom Nature Inspired Thorn Leaf Pumpkin Wreath Rings by Dixi
Zoom Autumn is Calling Pumpkin Leaf Acorn Engraved Jewellery
Zoom Sterling Silver Autumnal Pumpkin, Acorn & Maple Leaf Wreath Ring from Witchy Small Business Shop Dixi
Zoom Witchy Sterling Silver  Rings Nature Inspired Rings Featuring Pumpkins, Ivy & Maple Leaves, Squirrels, Branches
Zoom Pumpkin, Maple Leaf, Acorn Sterling Silver Original Ring from Shop Dixi UK Based Small Business Autumn Fall Lovers
Zoom Unique Pumpkin, Maple Leaf, Acorn Oak Sterling Silver Ring from Autumn Lovers Shop Dixi
Zoom Sterling Silver Fall Aesthetic Pumpkin, Acorn & Maple Leaf Wreath Ring from Witchy Small Business Shop Dixi
Zoom Witchy Light Academia Aesthetic Pumpkin Wreath Autumn Ring
Zoom Shop Dixi Nature Inspired Ivy Acorn Pumpkin Rings
Zoom Sterling Silver Autumn Lovers Pumpkin Acorn Leaf Ring
Zoom Shop Dixi Autumnal Jewellery Cosy Vibes 925 Sterling Silver
Zoom Shop Dixi Sterling Silver Pumpkin Acorn Maple Ring
Zoom Witchy Pumpkin Leaf Acorn Autumnal Silver Ring by Dixi
Zoom Dark Academia Aesthetic Sterling Silver Ring Stack
Zoom Sterling Silver Pumpkin Ring

© Autumn Is Calling Pumpkin & Acorn Boho Wreath Ring


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Returning September 1st 2024. Available in ring sizes USA 5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11.

© Meet Shop Dixi's magical Pumpkin, Acorn & Leaf sterling silver ring. This autumnal inspired bohemian ring features delicately detailed pumpkins, acorns and leaves around a sterling silver band, encompassing the things we love most about the most magical season of the year, Fall. Finished off with a hidden engraved "Autumn Is Calling" message, this piece of jewellery is perfect for any Fall lover to wear year round.

This is an original Dixi design! If you come across any replicas, please let us know and help support our small business.

Sterling Silver

Ring Front - Height 6mm


You know this already - Pumpkins are our happy place. For us they are a small sign of the Dixi Family and our wonderful community of Autumn lovers! But it isn't just that. Perhaps the most enduring symbol of the Harvest season, the Pumpkin is a sign of fertility and prosperity. For our US friends, they may also symbolise a feeling of thanks, as they are a popular inclusion in many Thanksgiving dishes and decorations.

Maple Leaf

The Maple tree is hardy and enduring, easily standing proud against the elements whatever they may be. It is a symbol of balance, love, longevity, and with its many arms of glorious leaves, abundance. The humble Maple leaf also mirrors the changing of the seasons, as it sprouts from lush and bright Green in the Spring and Summer months, to fiery orange and brown in the Autumn and Winter time; reminding us of the ephemeral nature of our lives, and the need for us to be open to growth.


A little nut, but don't underestimate. It is the seed of the mighty Oak (Quercus) tree, symbolising potential, stability and strength. From that determined little seed, another mighty Oak shall be born when it is nurtured and cultivated. Let this be a reminder in your own life - you must take time to nurture and care for yourself in order to see your full potential.


When you think of a 'wreath' you may think of evergreens and circular shapes - both of which make it a sign of eternal life. Combining a wreath with all of the above elements, this ring is here to remind you of your value. None of us are here forever, but through our strength, our kindness, and our love, little parts of you will live on forever.

Ring Sizing Help

Complete Beginner?

It's best to actually try some rings on! Your local supermarket (Sainsburys, Walmart, Target, Tesco) probably have a display that you can utilise - and these rings tend to have a label with a USA or UK size, that you can use with our conversion chart!

Already own a ring that's an ideal fit?

Just measure the inside of the band from one side to the other to get your millimeter size. Or, if you know your size in a UK or USA measurement, find your approximate millimeter size by cross referencing the table.

Have a UK or USA measurement?

Find your millimetre diameter size by cross referencing the table below.

(Inner Diameter)
XXX SMALL [MIDI] 14 - 14.75MM F - H 3 - 4 45/46
XX SMALL [MIDI] 15 - 15.5MM I - J¼ 4¼ - 4¾ 47/48
EXTRA SMALL 15.75MM J½ 5 49/50
SMALL 16.25MM - 16.5MM L½ 6 51/52
MEDIUM 17.25MM - 17.5MM ½-O 7 54/55
LARGE 18MM - 18.25MM ½ - Q 8 57/58
EXTRA LARGE 19MM R½ 9 59/60
XX LARGE 20MM T½ - U 10 62/63
11 64/65

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Fast dispatch

We dispatch from the UK within 48 hours Monday-Friday with the exception of peak times.

Full information can be found here.

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We are here Monday-Friday and aim to respond to all queries within 2 working days. For existing orders you can get in touch here. For pre sales please feel free to DM us on @shopdixi or email, whichever you would prefer!

Amazing brand! Shop Dixi is my favourite place to buy jewellery. All their products are amazing quality and beautiful designs. Everything they sell is so unique, beautifully done and so different compared to other companies. I also love their seasonal autumn range. The customer service is amazing and I can’t fault it at all. They are so involved with their customers, asking and listening to any feedback and also ideas for designs. Every purchase I have loved, top quality and fast shipping. Always so helpful and friendly! 100% recommend!


I have ordered multiple items from dixi and I have never been disappointed. My first item I bought I wore too a wedding and the amount of people who told me how beautiful and unique it was, was amazing. Every piece is unique, very well made and just gorgeous. They carefully wrap every order and nothing has taken more than a week too arrive too me (not even during the pandemic). I've messaged them on Instagram a couple of times and they've been so helpful answering my questions and have been so quick to respond. I can't find a single fault with this brand and I would highly recommend.


Where to start from? The amazing personalised experience you get every time you order something or communicate with them? The fact that you get little gifts (incense cones and a beautiful thank you card with a drawing that can be used in scrapbooks or pinboards) in every single package? I have nothing negative to say about this brand. Literal queens, we have no choice but to stan.



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