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Grimmwolf 90s & 00s Trivia Quiz

Our Enchanted Forest has its very own memory lane. Let's have some fun and see just how much you remember in our Trivia Quiz!

1. What was Limewire?
a. A simulation game
b. It downloaded music & videos
c. A type of citrus fruit

2. In what year was the term 'podcast' first coined?
a. 2003
b. 2004
c. 2005

3. Who was Zoe Slater's muvva?
a. Little Mo
b. Big Mo
c. Kat

4. What was the 90's Saturday Morning show on CBBC?
a. SMTV Live
b. Milkshake
c. Live & Kicking

5. Mr Blobby is which colours?
a. Yellow with pink spots
b. Pink with yellow spots.
c. Pink with white spots.

6. What was the Spice Girls' first number 1?
a. Wannabe
b. Say You'll Be There
c. Spice Up Your Life

7. 'Wake me up inside (save me), Call my name and save me from the dark'. Who sang this?
a. Linkin Park
b. T.a.t.u
c. Evanescence

8. Which star died suddenly, aged 50, in 2009?
a. George Michael
b. Michael Jackson
c. Patrick Swayze

9. Who got kicked out of the first series of Big Brother for cheating, in 2000?
a. Craig
b. Brian
c. Nick

10. Gwen Stefani was the lead singer of which band?
a. No Doubt
b. Sneaker Pimps
c. Garbage

11. Which film does the Underworld song 'Born Slippy' appear in?
a. Romeo & Juliet
b. Trainspotting
c. The Beach

12. Which song did Father Ted & Dougal attempt to enter into Eurovision?
a. My Lovely House
b. My Lovely Horse
c. My Lovely Heart

13. What did Starburst used to be called?
a. Opal Fruits
b. Juicy Fruit
c. Skittles

14. Who played Clarissa in 'Clarissa Explains It All'?
a. Sarah Michelle Gellar
b. Drew Barrymore
c. Melissa Joan Hart

15. Wolf, Jet, and Panther were regular competitors in which TV show?
a. Fort Boyard
b. Gladiators
c. Blind Date

16. Who hosted Fun House on CITV?
a. Neil Buchanan
b. Ant & Dec
c. Pat Sharp

17. Have you ever, ever felt like this? How strange things happen, are you going...
a. Round the bend?
b. Round the twist?
c. Roundabout?

18. What's the name of Harmony's sister in The Queen's Nose?
a. Parker
b. Piper
c. Melody

19. What was Bodger & Badger's favourite food?
a. Baked Beans
b. Mashed potato
c. Toast

20. On what show would you have seen the character Morph?
a. Get Your Own Back
b. Art Attack
c. SMart

21. What colour was the main badge worn by Blue Peter presenters?
a. Gold
b. Blue
c. White

22. What kind of animal was Arthur and his sister DW?
a. Rabbit
b. Aardvark
c. Dog

23. Who is lead singer of Simply Red?
a. Mick Hucknall
b. Thom Yorke
c. Meatloaf

24. H was a member of which UK band?
a. All Stars
b. Steps
c. Five

25. When is Groundhog Day?
a. February 2nd
b. March 2nd
c. April 2nd

26. In which US city is Home Alone set?
a. Florida
b. Boston
c. Chicago

27. What show did PJ & Duncan star in?
a. Byker Grove
b. Grange Hill
c. Bernard's Watch

28. What was the name of the first sheep successfully cloned in the 90s?
a. Daisy
b. Dolly
c. Delia

29. When was the last time the UK won the Eurovision Song Contest?
a. 1995
b. 1997
c. 1999

30. Who was everyone's first MySpace friend?
a. Tom
b. Bob
c. David





1. b. It downloaded music & videos 
2. b. 2004
3. c. Kat
4. c. Live & Kicking
5. b. Pink with yellow spots
6. a. Wannabe
7. c. Evanescence
8. b. Michael Jackson
9. c. Nick
10. a. No Doubt
11. b. Trainspotting
12. a. Opal Fruits
13. b. My Lovely Horse
14. c. Melissa Joan Hart
15. b. Gladiators
16. c. Pat Sharp
17. b. Round The Twist
18. c. Melody
19. b. Mashed Potato
20. c. SMart
21. c. White
22. b. Aardvark
23. a. Mick Hucknall
24. b. Steps
25. a. February 2nd
26. c. Chicago
27. a. Byker Grove
28. b. Dolly
29. b. 1997
30. a. Tom


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