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Zoom Selene Pack of 4 | Phone Screensaver
Zoom Selene Pack of 4 | Phone Screensaver

Selene Pack of 4 | Phone Screensaver

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The Story of Selene; The Goddess of The Moon and her love, Endymion

"Working as a shepherd, Endymion would often be found tending his flocks at night, and so the beauty of the mortal was observed by Selene in her nightly passage. Taken by the beauty of the shepherd, Selene fell in love, and would long to spend eternity with Endymion. Selene though was immortal, whilst Endymion would age and die.

Zeus (God of the Sky) had no desire to make Endymion immortal in the traditional sense, but instead came up with a solution where the shepherd would not age or die, and enlisting the help of Hypnos (God of Sleep), Endymion was placed into an eternal sleep.

Thereafter, Endymion would sleep in a cave upon Mount Latmos, a cave which Selene would visit every night. Endymion would sleep with his eyes open, so that he too could gaze upon his lover." - Source -


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