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Stone Series Test

Hey, Dixi Warriors! We know how much you love your crystals - not just because of the
magic of them dancing on your fingers, but because of the incredible metaphysical
properties they also bring into daily life. We're back with our new and improved
stone series, and we hope to cover everything you need to know about your
favourite crystals, and hopefully make you fall in love with some new ones too. Enjoy!

HARDNESS: 5-7 (Slighty more than glass) Tranquility
ELEMENT: Earth Strength
FOUND IN: USA, Iran Healing
RARITY: Uncommon Protection
BIRTHSTONE: Pisces, Scorpio, Sagittarius Hope
PLANET: Venus Discovery
GODDESS: Hathor, Egyptian Goddess of Joy & Fertility Balance


Turquoise is one of the oldest known mined stones in the world. As such it comes steeped with superstition and history. Turquoise was the talisman of Kings (the death mask of Tutankhamun was studded with both Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli), and of ancient Warriors. It has for centuries had predominantly masculine associations, a link perhaps only strengthened by the stones' physical strength and opaque properties. 
Turquoise is derived from the French word 'pierre Turquoise' meaning 'Turkish Stone'. This stems from ancient trade routes from Asia through Europe picking up this magical stone while passing through Turkey, a regular stop for these long journeys by sea.

Historically, it was believed that Turquoise emitted protective energies when gifted by a friend or a loved one. Tibetan Turquoise, being slightly more green in colour, holds a slightly different vibration to blue Turquoise - the stone is highly valued by the Tibetan people, believing that it preserves family wealth and brings with it potent medicinal energy, changing colour when the wearer faces illness or is threatened by evil.
Turquoise reflects the sacred colours of the earth during the vernal equinox, when the sun is directly above the equator before travelling northwards for the summer of the Northern Hemisphere. It evokes the feeling of winter blues thawing, and spring greens blooming.



Turquoise is an incredibly efficient mental & spiritual healer.

Turquoise can be worn for increased metaphysical properties throughout the day, or simply placed in your home for a beautiful decoration and its unique positive vibrations. Turquoise vibrates with the throat chakra, making it a wonderful stone for promoting leadership and clear communication - if you have presentations, interviews, or just overwhelming social situations to deal with, wear some of your favourite Turquoise jewellery or keep a stone in your pocket to benefit from its calming properties. 



Bermuda Mystery Necklace Turquoise & Silver - £26 Bandit Earrings Turquoise - £10
Bandit Ring Turquoise - £26   Cryptic Skies Necklace Turquoise & Gold - £28





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