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Dixi Presents Mixtape V: Wonderful Christmastime

It's finally here!
We've been preparing for Christmas for more than a few weeks at Dixi, and now we are slowly
getting to unwind, relax, and fully enjoy the festivities!
We may or may not have been playing Christmas radio on repeat in the office
for far longer than is really necessary. But we love it and we want to share
just a few of our favourites and all the Christmas songs
that get us feeling warm and fuzzy inside with our beloved Dixi girls and boys! Get your Santa hat,
put on the tree lights, pour yourself a drink and dance with us ^_^

We hope that wherever you are in the world and whoever you are with, you get to enjoy a full, loving and wonderful Christmas.
And even if you don't get to spend it with family and loved ones, know that your Dixi sisters
are spending the festive season with you in mind and spirit <3


  • Faye: January 28, 2016

    So good

  • Anum Syed: January 27, 2016

    Love this.

  • Lu: January 26, 2016


  • ellie: January 26, 2016


  • Luana: January 25, 2016


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