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Get the summer Look

This summer we're embracing the beauty of pastel. We love incorporating our stack of the day with our choice of nail colour.These are just a few of our favourite go-to colours to pair with our Spring/Summer Collection, Summer Haze.
Rainbow nails are never out of the question, so why not mix and match your colours instead of sticking to the one? After all, there's no better time to experiment than the summer months! That goes for your stack too. Why stick to one stone when you can mix all the beautiful hues and truly sparkle as you walk?!
Layer yourself in colour, from head to toe!

Items Shown  [from top to botton] are:-

We're really enjoying letting our happy summer selves shines over on Instagram, but we can't help but add a badass edge to our feminine stack with some Bandit beauties. We also love watching you get your summer vibes on with your instagram photos, matching those summer jewels with a beautiful floral scene. Super inspirational and a great way to spread the sunshine joy!

Nail Polishes Shown:-


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